Who is James Gaydon?

I am a father of two, and husband of one and I live in “The Heart of Mid Sussex”. As a kid I wanted to be a farmer, a stuntman, and later a bushcraft expert - needless to say my main infuences at that time were; John "The Farmer", The A -Team and Ray Mears!

Growing up I realised that interaction with people is key to success so throughout my career I have always been straightforward in my dealings and my integrity is paramount in everything I do. It may sound cheesy, but I place a lot of importance in trust, honesty, humility and loyalty, so I try to embody these attributes and seek them in others.

OK, so what is this all about?

I have a varied and successful employment history which has utilised my sales ability, flair for customer service, conflict resolution, rapport building and encouraging repeat business. The common denominator is dealing with people effectively and being willing to take responsibility for achieving results and exceeding customer expectations.

I enjoy working as part of a team, whether I am leading it or working in it. I love the sense of working with others to achieve a common goal. Although I have a corporate background I like to get out from behind a desk and roll up my sleeves to help get things done - I have never worried about getting my hands dirty!

I am now looking for new opportunities to better utilise and stretch my abilities in keeping with where my skills lie. Ideally that will be a role within a small to medium sized company (or Charity Organisation) where I can make a difference and play a part in growth and expansion – most likely in operations, general management, or events management.

I'd like to work in Sussex, Gatwick, Croydon or Central London to minimize commuting. I’m looking to at least match my present salary, which I am happy to discuss with you on request.

If you have a vacancy and think I might suit you, please get in touch – by phone, or email to start a conversation.

Contact me directly at james@delarge.co.uk or call 07803 597099